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Travel photo tips on Adobe Live with the Pros

You’ve come back from a trip, and you’ve loaded your travel photos from your memory cards onto your computer. What next? Adobe Community Professionals Melissa Piccone, Jesús Ramirez, Theresa Jackson and I walk through some of our favorite Photoshop and Lightroom tips for travel photos. My segment, which is about creating panoramas in Photoshop and Lightroom, starts about 30 minutes into the recording. But it’s worth watching all four presenters.

Watch the show, originally streamed live on March 16, 2017:

Adobe Live with the Pros: Photoshop and Lightroom (65 minutes)

Note: Watching the recording requires the Adobe Connect web browser add-in, which is available on Macs and Windows PCs but not on all desktop and mobile platforms. (My understanding is that when an Adobe Connect presentation is live, you can watch it on any devices listed in the Adobe Connect system requirements.)

How do P3 displays affect your workflow? – article

Some new displays use a color space called P3, which is different than the sRGB and Adobe RGB color spaces that designers and photographers have used for years. Is P3 an improvement, or a complication? I answer that question in an article I wrote for CreativePro.

Read my article at the following link:

How do P3 displays affect your workflow?

That article refines the observations about P3 displays that I originally explored in an earlier article on this blog, A look at the P3 color gamut of the iMac display (Retina, Late 2015). I wrote the earlier article when Apple first starting shipping P3 display built into the Late 2015 iMac. Today, Apple includes P3 displays in their top-of-the-line iMacs, MacBook Pros, iPhones, and iPad Pros.

InDesign to WordPress: iziExport review for InDesign Magazine

iziExport is an Adobe InDesign plug-in by Revolumedia that makes it easier to convert InDesign documents to WordPress posts, so it’s an intriguing option if you’re interested in converting some of your InDesign documents for publication on a WordPress-based web site. I reviewed iziExport for InDesign Magazine (November 2016).


Getting the Most Out of the Adobe User Forums (featured image)

Getting the Most Out of the Adobe User Forums: article

In an article I wrote for CreativePro, you’ll learn some simple strategies to help you get a great answer more quickly in the Adobe Forums — a free community-based resource for questions about Adobe software such as Photoshop and InDesign. Many forum members use Adobe software in production every day, so they can have useful insights and are sometimes aware of problems before they’re officially documented by Adobe. I’ve participated in the Adobe Forums for many years, and am now an Adobe Community Professional there.

Read my article at the following link:

Getting the Most Out of the Adobe User Forums

Choosing an Adobe Portfolio Layout: article

Choosing an Adobe Portfolio Layout is a companion article to one I wrote earlier for CreativePro (Using Adobe Portfolio). This article helps you decide which Adobe Portfolio layout should be the basis for your website. What really drives your choice out of the seven layouts currently available? What can you change about the layout you choose? Is it easy to change your mind?

If “build my website” is still on your To Do list, Adobe Portfolio is a quick and easy way to get a focused body of work online. Especially if you’re an Adobe Creative Cloud member, since Adobe Portfolio is available only as a benefit of an Creative Cloud membership (including the $9.99/month Photography Plan).

You can read the article at the following link:

Choosing an Adobe Portfolio Layout