Create photo layouts faster with my article in the Photography Issue of InDesign Magazine

InDesign Magazine, Issue 57: The Photography Issue

Want to create photo layouts faster? I just wrote an article, “Import More Images in Less Time,” for the Photography Issue of InDesign Magazine (December/January 2014). If you use Adobe InDesign to create photo-intensive publications like catalogs, yearbooks, or magazines, you already know that it takes too long to import images one at a time using the Place command. But what are the faster alternatives that can save you hours of time? In this article I tell you about several ways to quickly import and place multiple images in a single pass using InDesign.

Click the link below to read the article (co-authored with Bart Van de Wiele) at InDesign Magazine:
InDesign Magazine, Issue 57: The Photography Issue

The article is part of an issue of InDesign Magazine that’s available for purchase as a single issue or as part of a subscription. InDesign Magazine is a bimonthly periodical devoted entirely to Adobe InDesign and to the thriving community of InDesign professionals. With editorial direction by page-layout guru and author David Blatner and editor in chief Mike Rankin, InDesign Magazine brings you the in-depth features, reviews, and tutorials you need to master Adobe InDesign. You can download a free trial issue.

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