Update: Adobe Photoshop CS6 13.0.4/13.1.2 fixes “trial version” problem

Photoshop CS6 icon

Photoshop CS6 13.0.4/13.1.2 released

Did your copy of Photoshop CS6 suddenly become a 30-day trial version, even though you already paid for it? Adobe has now fixed this issue in Adobe Photoshop CS6 13.0.4 (for perpetual licenses of Photoshop) and 13.1.2 (for Creative Cloud licenses). You can read more about it on Jeff Tranberry’s Adobe blog, or on the Photoshop help page Trial screen displays on launch.

To update Photoshop directly, start Photoshop CS6 and choose Help > Updates.


To download a manual installer for perpetual licenses: Download the update from the Adobe Product Updates page and install it manually. You can’t update a Creative Cloud license from this page, so only the 13.0.4 update for perpetual licenses is available.

To update an Adobe Creative Cloud license: Start Adobe Application Manager, and in the list of Creative Cloud software you have installed, click the word Update next to any of the applications with updates. Clicking Update for Photoshop CS6 will bring Photoshop up to version 13.1.2. Or, to run all available application updates at once, click Updates in the left column and then click Update All.

Adobe Application Manager ready to update applications


  1. The Cloud update ends in the following error:

    Error Code: U44M1P7

    People are telling me to manually download the update, but as a Cloud subscriber and based on what you say above, I don’t think that that’s possible.

    How do I resolve?

    1. I haven’t run into that error, so I don’t personally know. In researching it I found the thread you started on the Adobe forums. As you probably already know, there is no Photoshop 13.1.2 update in the manual downloads, so the only idea I have is to do the suggestion in the first link that kglad posted in the Adobe forums thread: Reinstall Photoshop CS6.

      Sorry I don’t have a better idea (I don’t like it either when people say the solution is to reinstall), but what it sounds like is that Adobe Application Manager might have been looking for some component that it expects to be present, and when it couldn’t find it, or it wasn’t in the state it expected, it decided to stop. If that’s the case, reinstallation might solve it. But what I’ve just said is only a guess at the cause. I hope it works!

  2. From what I can tell lots of people are experiencing this problem with creative cloud. After 6 hours on a chat with Adobe and another on the telephone, it does not look like they have a solution yet. But, rather than tell you, I have been hung up on.

    I don’t understand why they just don’t admit there is a problem and save their customer support reps all the trouble that they are causing for themselves and for their (hopefully valued) customers.

  3. I use an iMac Sierra 10.12.1
    I have been trying to get an update for CS6 13.1.2, but it looks like you have to buy Creative Cloud to get it.
    This company has become greedy, and their customer support is the worst that I have encountered in 25 yrs. HOW PATHETIC!!

    1. Is there something specific that you need in 13.1.2 (the Creative Cloud version of CS6)? Because for the non-Creative Cloud version of Mac CS6, you are up to date if you have 13.0.6, which you can get at the Adobe downloads page:

      If you want to try the latest full installer of CS6, there are the ProDesignTools links:

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