From InDesign to Photoshop: InDesign Magazine article

I co-authored an article, From InDesign to Photoshop, with InDesign Magazine editor David Blatner for the March 2018 issue of InDesign Magazine. David and I talk about ways to accomplish a workflow that’s the reverse of what most of us usually do: Instead of moving Photoshop images into an InDesign layout, we discuss how to efficiently bring an InDesign layout into a Photoshop document.

For example, we all know InDesign is better than Photoshop—graphically and typographically—for many advanced layouts. So you may use InDesign to build the structure and form of a large poster—getting the text just right—and then finish it by applying crazy graphic or color effects in Photoshop. Similarly, you might want to design something in InDesign that will end up on the web or in a video. Photoshop is far better at exporting for web and other onscreen formats.

To read the article, click the link below to download the article as a free PDF excerpt from the issue. (InDesign Magazine is published only in Portable Document Format.)

From InDesign to Photoshop (PDF)

First page of article From InDesign to Photoshop in InDesign Magazine

Want to read the rest of the issue? You can buy it as a single issue or as a benefit of a paid InDesign Secrets premium membership, which may interest you if you want to advance your InDesign skills with the help of some of the most knowledgeable InDesign users in the industry.

InDesign Magazine is a bimonthly periodical devoted entirely to Adobe InDesign and to the thriving community of InDesign professionals. With editorial direction by page-layout guru and author David Blatner and editor in chief Mike Rankin, InDesign Magazine brings you the in-depth features, reviews, and tutorials you need to master Adobe InDesign. You can download a free trial issue.

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