Updates: Adobe Camera Raw 6.4.1, Lightroom 3.4.1

Adobe photography application icons

Adobe has released updates for its raw processing software:

Adobe Camera Raw 6.4.1 (click for release notes in PDF)
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.4.1 (click for release notes in PDF, though at this writing I could only find 3.4 release notes)

The updates are mostly about support for new cameras, such as the Fuji FinePix X100. The Lightroom update also fixes a few bugs including a JPEG export bug that while quite rare, is very serious if you happen to come across it.

As usual, you can read the release notes and download the installers from



To update Camera Raw directly, start Photoshop and choose Help > Updates.

To update Lightroom directly, start Lightroom and choose Help > Updates.

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