Canon EOS 7D updates (January 2011)

Canon EOS 7D product photograph

If you’ve got a Canon EOS 7D, here’s some 7D news you might have missed during the holidays.

Firmware update version 1.2.3

A recent update to the 7D firmware addresses issues with the Speedlite Transmitter STE-2 and the Macro Ring Lite. Download 7D Firmware Update Version 1.2.3 here. This isn’t the first firmware update since the 7D came out, so even if the Version 1.2.3 fixes don’t apply to you, you might want to install this to get caught up if you haven’t installed any firmware updates since you bought the camera.

Add a lock to your mode dial

Do you ruin shots by accidentally nudging your mode dial to the wrong setting, ending up with B when you meant M or with Tv when you meant A? Now Canon will add a mode dial lock to your EOS 7D or EOS 5D Mark II…but it’s cost you. About $100. Engadget has the details.

Canon rebates expiring January 8, 2011

The current round of Canon rebates expires this weekend, so if there was Canon gear Santa didn’t bring you, now’s your chance to pick it up for yourself. Rebates apply to bodies, lenses, flashes, and more. For more information, go to the Promotions page on the Canon USA Professional Imaging Products web site. It’s worth checking that page periodically, since Canon tends to offer different rebates and discounts during the year.

I won’t be publishing news on every camera out there, but if you and I have some hardware in common you’ll periodically see some news about it right here.

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