“Folder not found” error when batch processing in Photoshop

If you try to run a batch process in Adobe Photoshop (either from Photoshop or from Adobe Bridge) and you get an error message that says a folder wasn’t found, here are some things to check:

  • In the Batch Processing dialog box, look at the Errors section at the bottom of the dialog box. If you have the Errors pop-up menu set to Log Errors to File, click Save As and reset the error log file location. Pointing the log file to a disk or disk name that isn’t mounted or no longer exists can cause the error message. For example, maybe you renamed or deleted the folder that the error log was pointed to before.
  • Check the action you’re running, and if there any folder paths in any action step, make sure those paths are still valid. Folder paths can exist in can Open step, a Save step, or a Load or Save step. For example, you might have a step that loads a saved curve from disk into the Curves dialog box.
  • If you action calls other actions, check the folder paths in those sub-actions.

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