Bridge 1.0: Photoshop batch processing bug?

Tonight I was using Adobe Bridge on Mac OS X to process some camera raw files using the Tools > Photoshop > Batch command. An error alert appeared and directed me to the batch processing error log, which contained a number of errors I didn’t expect. I checked the filenames in the error log and realized they were not in the Bridge browser window of the file I selected. However, they were in another open Bridge browser window that was behind the window containing the files I selected.

I avoided the error by closing the other Bridge browser window, leaving only the window containing the files I actually wanted to process.

Note that Bridge has no controls for managing multiple windows. To get to the window behind the frontmost window in Bridge, which covered the entire screen, I used the Mac OS X keyboard shortcut for cycling to the next window, Command+`(back accent, the key above the Tab key on U.S. English keyboards). On Windows, press Alt+Tab.

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